Jimmy's Fundraiser for Louis Cat

Hi furiends, my name is Louis. I am an indoor Aussie cat who tried to go on an adventure over the weekend. On Sunday I ran out the back door past my Meowmy and jumped the fence but couldn’t get back up again. I was taken to the emergency vet with a suspected broken leg. After lots of pain meds and X-rays the vets discovered that I have torn my ACL plus every other ligament in my leg. A break would have been better. I live in Cairns but have to go on a special trip all the way to the Sunshine Coast to see a specialist. As well as the costs of the emergency vet my Meowmy has been quoted up to $8,000 AUD for my surgery which as you can understand is a huge, unexpected expense. Every donation is greatly appreciated and will go towards my care, surgery and recovery. Shares are also very much appreciated. A very big thank you from the bottom of our hearts.